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The Lake Conroe Association...

Who is the LCA?
The LCA is a non-profit corporation was formed in 1977 by a group of concerned property owners, business leaders, developers and local bankers with the goal of controlling and/or eliminating an ever increasing infestation of Hydrilla.

By 1981, 40% of the Lake (9000 acres) was covered with Hydrilla, severely limiting recreational activities of the lake. At this time a legislative directive, House Bill 556, was past, allowing the Texas Agriculture Experiement Station to conduct a grass carp study. This study resulted in the introduction of 270,000 (30 fish per infected acres) of non-sterile diploid grass carp, White Amur. By October 1983 all vegetation had been eaten by the White Amur. Herbicide treatments had been unsuccessful in controlling Hydrilla prior to the introduction of the grass carp.

Hydrilla did not reemerge in Lake Conroe until 1996. Control by herbicides was unsuccessful and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, in conjunction with the San Jacinto River Authority, formulated a plan to reintroduce the White Amur fish. In March 2006, approximately 4,300 fish were introduced into Lake Conroe (5 fish per infected acre). Texas Parks and Wildlife will conduct periodic studies and should Hydrilla increase, additional fish will be introduced. The current fish being introduced are sterile triploid (White Amur) and will not reproduce.

Since 1977 the LCA, through private donations, has raised almost $1,000,000 which has been spent on White Amur and to purchase herbicides. At this time a severe infestation of Giant Salvinia can be found on Lake Conroe. Current studies are being performed to determine the effectiveness of biological control through weevils. Although herbicides have had limited success with Hydrilla, they have been very successful controlling Giant Salvinia.

The LCA is a nonprofit 501 corporation and your donation should be tax deductible. All members of the LCA are volunteers and receive no renumeration.

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